What to Expect


We not only care about your horse, but we also care about you. We are constantly pulling for our clients and would love to know if there is anything outside of hoof care that we may help with, whether it is simply lending and ear and guidance or with any practical need you may have.


You and your horse will be treated with the utmost respect through every interaction. We strive to ensure that you not only know what we see, but also understand.


We will work patiently with your horse during any behavior issues that may arise. We recognize that horses are not robots and may be afflicted by pain or just simply have an “off” day, which is no ground for penalizing them.

While we do try to work as efficiently as possible, we refuse to sacrifice quality by hurrying or taking shortcuts.

• Punctuality.

You may count on us to be on time. We purposefully schedule each day to have extra time available for each client so that we are not rushed and have time to hopefully arrive early to each appointment. In the event of a potential delay, clients will be notified as soon as safely possible.


You may contact us through a call, text, email, or a message through social media at your convenience. Whether it is to set up your next appointment, report a lost shoe, or ask a question — we will respond as soon as we are able.


We are happy to work with your vet and other farriers to ensure the best hoof care possible.


If your horse needs specialized care that we are unable to provide, we are more than happy to refer you to someone who is able.