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Hoof Oils & Dressings: Helpful or Harmful?
Visit this article to assess which hoof dressings, if any, may be better suited for your horse(s) and their environment.

Browse the latest hoof-related research and lameness studies. This includes anatomy, veterinary images, and more.

Learn more about…

Navicular Disease

Negative Palmar/Plantar Angle

IR, Laminitis:

Learn more about Laminitis management, PPID, and more.

Equine Metabolic Syndrome (Insulin Resistance)

Chronic Laminitis

Prevention & Treatment of Laminitis

General Tips & Care

Thrush Management

Benefits of Equine Massage Therapy

Understanding X-rays

Proper, Basic Hoof Care
Learn about hoof angles, balancing, and more.

Ten Hoof Care Tips
Owner-friendly advice to basic hoof care.